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Invest one hour on your ability to communicate in relationships!!

  • You  Will Benefit From Attending the Workshop If:
  • You are open to learning new skills and strategies for communicating more effectively with your partner
  • You need better conflict management tools
  • You struggle with having the “same argument over and over”
  • You feel you are not heard in your relationship

Proven Relationship Tools Taught in Class:

  • How to not react when you feel attacked
  • How to communicate effectively what you need
  • How to negotiate for what you need
  • Skills for listening to a person so that they feel heard
  • How to turn complaints into requests

About Getting Your Needs Met Without a Fight Seminar

This seminar is based on the Communication Map designed by David Steele to quickly and effectively address interpersonal issues and problems to prevent and resolve conflict, The Communication Map can be learned by anyone in less than an hour   The Communication Map emphasizes "functioning first" and apologetically does not address feelings or the past. After all, we must survive before we can thrive. Assuming that "issues are unmet needs" and that "all needs are valid," The Communication Map teaches the important  "Rules of the Road," how to avoid "Road Blocks" and effectively resolve the problem to restore positive connection and communication in any relationship. 


 The Communication Map is a One-Page Communication System for All Relationships

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Learn and implement in less than an hour
  • Universal- works for all relationships and settings- work, home, business, family, parenting, couples, etc
  • Tested and proven by hundreds of graduates of Relationship Coaching Institute



Information on Upcoming Class

Date:                     Sunday February 12, 2017

Time:                     12:30-2:00pm

Location:              5430 Biscay Circle Centennial, CO 80015 Conference Room

Registration Information

Class Fee:             $20

Fees include:       A laminated copy of the communication map, class and exercises

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