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Dee and Barbara DeAngelis "You Can Do It Conference 2015"
Dee and Barbara DeAngelis "You Can Do It Conference 2015"

DoloresStevens-7364Dee Stevens BA, MA, CPC

Dee Stevens has been successfully coaching people with their relationships for ten years. She has been helping them to see new actions, new thoughts, and new ways to communicate. She has read books and used methods by Gary Chapman, Steve Harvey, Harville Hendrix, Barbara DeAngelis, John Gray, and Miguel Ruiz. She is the upcoming author of the book "The Created Relationship" due out in September.

In her personal life, Dolores recovered after a very painful divorce and discovered a life of self-discovery. She raised two daughters as a single parent and learned to co-parent with honesty and integrity. This was not an easy task as the two fought for custody and sometimes couldn't be in the same room but have learned to develop a new respect for each other.  She is in a current long term relationship that has had many challenges but has lasted 14 years. She creates this relationship on a daily basis and still feels the butterflies.  

She is committed that each and every client gets value out of their couples coaching or singles coaching and can take on things that they saw as impossible. She will work with you on what you feel necessary and not let you fall back into your ways of the past that were not working for you. You will be creating the relationships that inspire and satisfies you.  She will be a stand for you getting the love you want and need. 

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